Sian is amazing! She has very deep understanding of human mind & body. She has so much empathy. She treats her clients with huge respect and she has a non - jugemental attitude. You can be yourself when Sian does your treatment. She always talks to me before my shiatsu or cranisacral. She is very good listener. I love her methapors - she uses them to describe a problem and I find it very helpful. I go to Sian for treaments regulary and I feel much better physically and mentally. She tought me to deal with stress better, how to relax better and how important is self care. Thank you so much, Sian :-)
— Iwona

I came to Sian after spending £4000 on various alternative treatments for a
problem that doctors, specialists and an MRI scan could not diagnose or
treat. I was struggling to carry more than 500g with the pressure it would
put on my neck and the catalyst effect of spasms and muscles seizing up
Sian patiently and carefully listened to all my struggles and began gentle
Cranial Sacral treatments. I intuitively knew that this was progress from
the first session, and with all the different treatments I had tried
previously, it was easy to gauge when someones advice would fit my problem,
and the results proved this. Sian has a profound holistic connection with
the human physiology, and she unraveled my problem intellectually for me as
well as physically. Due to the severity of my problem, I am still not fully
recovered, but I now have great physical ability, a deep connection and
understanding of my body, which Sian has taught me. I highly recommend
Sian’s services, even if it is for enlightening information our intelligent
— Nicholas

I first came to Sian’s practice for help with a knee injury. It was incredibly effective and I also realised that there were other aspects of my wellbeing that were touched by her treatments. Sian has also treated my children and I have recommended her unreservedly to many friends and colleagues.
Sian is a very generous practitioner; truly dedicated and interested in helping her patients. Her caring nature and her loving kindness stand out in every interaction.
— Adriana

I have known Sian for many many years, and whenever she treated me, I felt much better. I think she not only have great knowledge about people’s body, but also she cares the individual problems and try to solve them with sincere and correct approach.
She is the most excellent Shiatsu massage person and I strongly recommend her.
— Mifune

Shiatsu with Sian Marian has been a big component in my recovery from RSI. I think it’s a good thing to do just for your general well-being.
— Dr Zamin Iqbal

n over five years of dealing with an undiagnosed neuromuscular problem, shiatsu has provided helpful practical therapy in the best tradition of complementary medicine. It is independent both of high-technology and the need for western diagnosis, and is entirely non-invasive. I have used it to good effect while taking Western medicine as well. It has provided surprisingly effective relief from muscle aches and cramps, headaches, numbness and even tight chest and stomach problems. Even had it had no effect whatsoever on the current problems, I could recommend the experience for its effectiveness at reducing tension and promoting a sense of well-being - every time.
— Dr Marjorie Winter

I decided to try Shiatsu having consulted my GP and a Specialist about a digestive problem to no effect. I soon noticed an improvement . As this was the only change I had made I can only assume that Shiatsu had a positive impact on my condition. I can say that I no longer suffer from a condition that had a major effect on my life. I believe that Shiatsu has been the main reason for this improvement. Since this time I have continued to see Sian and I highly value my fortnightly Shiatsu session in helping to maintain my physical, emotional and mental fitness.
— Matt Beeke

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— Nicola, Colombia